Enrol in Skill Tracks

How to enrol in a Skill Track

On a desktop computer: 


1. Login to your Ausmed account

2. Click Learn in the top menu bar

3. Click Skill Tracks in the left-hand-side side menu

4. Browse and select the Track you would like to enrol in

Note: You can only enrol in one Skill Track at a time until you complete it. However, your progress is saved, allowing you to switch your enrolment at any time. 

5. From the Track details page select to Enrol in this Skill Track

Enrolling in a Skill Track on Ausmed - Step 9.png

6. Click Start Making Progress to confirm, and follow the prompts to begin completing the resources in the Track. 

Enrolling in a Skill Track on Ausmed - Step 10.png

Note: If you have previously completed any resources within the track, your progress will be automatically recorded, so you do not need to redo them.


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