How do I cancel my Ausmed subscription?


  • Cancellation of your Ausmed subscription is a self-managed process
  • If you do not cancel your subscription before your next transaction date, you will be debited for the next billing period as per the Terms and Conditions
  • You will continue to be billed until you cancel your subscription
  • Cancellations cannot be made via the Ausmed App
  • The option to cancel will not be available if you have an outstanding invoice, please contact us for further support in this instance. 

To cancel your subscription, follow the steps below via the Ausmed website -

  • Log in to your account 


  • Go to the (top right-hand corner of the screen) and click your initials or profile picture until a drop-down box appears. 


  • Select: the green button displaying 'Your subscription is active.' You'll be taken to your Subscription overview.


  • Click on the cancellation link on this page.


    this will only appear if there are no outstanding invoices or failed payments. You will need to contact our Learners Support team to cancel your subscription in this case. 
  • Follow all steps to confirm your cancellation.

    Note: You can check the status of your subscription by going to the Subscription page in your Account Settings - if this page displays a subscription end date and a button to restore your subscription, you have successfully cancelled your Ausmed subscription.

    You will also receive a confirmation email if you have successfully cancelled your subscription. 

    If you wish to resubscribe, please click this link.


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