What counts as CPD?

There are a variety of regular activities that can be considered as Continued Performance Development (CPD). 


CPD can be formal learning such as a postgraduate course, however, it can also be an opportunistic unscheduled event from your experience that includes reflection on your practice.

Examples of CPD include (but are not limited to) -

  • Attending a CPD seminar or workshop
  • Attending a conference
  • Watching a video learning activity online
  • Listening to lectures
  • Online CPD for health professionals
  • Writing or reviewing educational materials, articles, journal articles, books
  • Completing a self-directed learning package
  • Presenting at an in-service, workshop, or developing educational tools
  • Undertaking postgraduate course units which are of relevance to your context of practice
  • Acting as a preceptor
  • Reflecting on feedback, keeping a practice journal
  • Participating in clinical audits, critical incident monitoring, case reviews or clinical meetings
  • Participating in a professional reading and discussion group
  • Developing policy, protocols and guidelines
  • Working with a mentor to improve practice
  • Conducting or contributing to research

If you are unsure about any of this please contact your provider for clarification or refer to AHPRA’s continuing professional development guidelines.


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