Documenting CPD

To document a CPD activity manually, please follow these instructions -

  • Log in to your account


  • Select: + Add to Portfolio (top right-hand corner of your screen). Or if you are using the App, click the pink + button (bottom left-hand corner of your screen).

    Website example
    App example


  • A dialogue box will pop up, beginning the documentation process
    • You can select a resource to document if you have anything outstanding, or document something new.


  • Follow the prompts regarding the item you are documenting -
    • Type, title, provider, duration, date
    • Applicable standards
    • Context of practice
    • Reflection.

  • Answer all questions -
    • Edit your reflection to make sure you have a unique account of your experience with this CPD activity
    • Upload any related evidence at the end of the Doc-Flow
      • Note: for articles or readings you can't add evidence during this flow, you have to edit the activity after you finish.
    • Continue through the documentation process until you reach the screen that states you have successfully documented CPD.

  • Select: Continue 
  • Select: Finish or, Continue Learning



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