Video Error: video not playing or loading

Note: Ausmed works best with the following two internet platforms:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

We recommend avoiding other internet browsers such as Internet Explorer and Safari with our website, especially if you are experiencing page formatting errors. Many issues can be resolved simply by using a more appropriate internet browser.

You may need to update the software to the latest iOS or Android version if you are on a mobile/tablet device.

If you continue to experience technical difficulties with any of our videos, please log in to your Ausmed account and follow these steps -

    • Attempt to play the video via our Desktop site (not via the mobile app) to check whether it is a common problem on both platforms
    • Change the Internet connection (WiFi to mobile data or vice versa) to check whether the connection speed is too slow for videos
    • Log out and in again, or simply shut down the App completely and re-open it.

If you continue to experience issues, please contact Learner Support.
1300 287 633 or 


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