Download a CPD report


Follow the steps below to download a PDF of all your CPD which will include any evidence you have attached:

1. Log in to your account

2. Click on "Portfolio" in the header:


3. Now, select the CPD period you want a report for:


4. Click on “Audit report”:


5. Click on “Create an audit report”:


6. Review your requirements and click “Create CPD report”:


7. Check the details in your report by scrolling down. Then click “Preview CPD report”:


8. Then click “Download CPD report”:

9. Next, choose if you want to attach your evidence or not and then click “Download now”:


10. Finally, click “Download Zip Report” and your report will be downloaded to your computer:


Tip: How to open a Zip file

Check your downloads folder on your computer.

The file will be named in this format: "2022-2023CPDReport", where the numbers indicate which CPD period the report relates to. Once you have located the .zip file, try double-clicking on it to "unzip" and open it.


If you have any issues, please contact our Learner Support team and we can send your CPD report/s and evidence via email. 



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