View training that has been assigned to you

Hot tip! Take a look at our Learner Guide before you get started with these instructions: How to use Ausmed - a guide for Learners

To view and complete training that has been assigned to you, please follow these instructions -

  • Go to:
  • Login to your account
  • Go to: My Organisation via the menu to the top left-hand side of your screen. 


  • Or, via the central banner on your Dashboard - also visible if you are using the App.


  • Your My Organisation page is where you can view, and complete, all organisational training requirements based on status. Below highlights three tabs labelled, Due, Completed and Missed. You can see what assignments your manager has allocated to you on the Due tab:

  • Assigned learning in the Due tab may be optional or mandatory:
    • Mandatory means your organisation requires you to complete the training by the specified due date to be compliant. 
    • Optional means someone from your organisation has recommended the training, but you are not required to complete it. Optional training doesn't have a due date, and you can remove it from your learning list if you're not planning on doing it.
  • If you have Missed Requirements and you're not sure why find out more here. Please also let your manager know so they can arrange an alternative assignment or potentially provide an extension date.


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