Mark as Complete - How to record completion of a training item

All of the training you see in your My Organisation page is set and controlled by your workplace. If you are unsure about your organisational training requirements, please contact Ausmed Learner Support or speak directly with your Manager. 

Congratulations! You have successfully completed an item of training. To mark this item as complete, please follow these instructions -

  • If you can see the button "Mark as Complete" next to a training item, this means you have finished the resource, but have not yet marked it as complete.

    Important: you are required to click "Mark as Complete" in order for training to be registered.


  • If the button says "Start" or "Continue", this means you have not yet finished the item of training
    • Click into the item of training
    • Ensure you have not missed any sections
    • Once you have completed all sections of the activity, "Mark as Complete" will appear in your My Organisation page next to this item of training

  • If the "Mark Complete" button is greyed out / non-clickable, you will need to contact your Manager


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