Mark as Complete - How to record completion of a training item

Applies to users whose organisations have purchased a subscription

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to record the completion of a training item by using the 'Mark as Complete' feature, thereby confirming to your organisation that you have finished your assigned training. It explains how to navigate your assigned learning list, mark an item as complete, provide feedback, and view the items you have completed.


1. Click "My Organisation" in the top menu bar

2. Navigate to the "Due" section of your "Assigned Learning" list, and locate the item you would like to mark as complete

Tip: You are required to click "Mark as Complete" to confirm to your organisation that you have completed the item. "Mark as Complete" only appears next to items you have finished, but have not yet marked as complete. If the button is greyed out and cannot be clicked, this may indicate the item is with your manager for review

3. Click "Mark as complete"

Tip: If the button next to an item says "Start" or "Continue" this indicates you have not yet completed the item

4. Click "Yes, mark as complete"

5. Rate the item and provide your comments, then click "Submit feedback"

6. Click "Go to completed learning"

7. You will now see a record of the completed item in the "Completed" tab of your "Assigned Learning" list

8. Click back to the "Due" section to mark any other items as complete, or close the window to finish

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